Perfect way to refresh! Short trip to Chiba.

I went on a short trip to Chiba prefecture by driving on vacation for 2 days. We could really enjoy and refresh  a lot by staying away from big city.

Chiba is really close from Tokyo, you can go to there in 1-3 hours by train or car from Tokyo, depending on the place where you go.  I’m sure you can relax enough.  If you feel tired living in Tokyo, I recommend to consider to visit there.


Driving route



Experience Museum “Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura”


Inside of Bousou no Mura

At first, we visited “Experience Museum Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura“.  Bousou is a peninsula that encompasses the entirety of Chiba.

Boso-no-mura is a facility that reproduces a Japanese scenery of 150 years ago at the Bousou area which were old samurai residences, and farmhouses, and other buildings. Here, you can experience first-hand various types of Japanese culture such as traditional crafts and events that have been passed down through the generations.

The facility also has a museum that features exhibits from the primitive era to the present. There are about 350 types of demonstrations and hands-on experience programs that are offered during the year.

The good news is the fee cost is only 300yen (Adult)! And you can enjoy almost all the day.


You can travel back to the Old Japan of 150 years ago once you enter!

Senbei shop

There are so many shops, foods, sweets, crafts and so on.

Candle shop

We enjoyed Japanese green tea “Matcha“.

Tea break with sweets.

Farmer’s house

There are also some big farmer’s houses. You can enter to inside.

Inside of the farmer’s house

There’s also costume shop for Samurai, Ninja and Kimono.

Entertainment by monkey

This show was really funny! We enjoyed a lot! haha



Narita Shinsho-ji Temple


Narita Shinsho-ji Temple

Secondly, we visited “Narita Shinsho-ji Temple”. This place is really famous as temple for “Hatsumoude” which is New Year’s visit to a shrine.

I heard that this temple is the second place in the amount of people who visit on New Year’s Day. Which do you think is first place? Yes, it its “Meiji-jungu shrine”. haha

Inside of Narita Shinsho-ji Temple



Kujukuri Beach


kujukuri Beach

And we visited “Kujukuri Beach” for the last place. This beach is one of the famous beach for surfing in Japan. We could see some surfer.



At the end


YOGA Studio we stayed one night

Actually we visited some more place, hot spring and YOGA place in this trip, and moreover there are so many fun place to see in Chiba pref. such as farm, aquarium and mountains.  I recommend to visit there if you feel satisfy for staying Tokyo and have time!


Thank you for reading!

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