Visit “Kawagoe” if you don’t have time to go to Kyoto!

I visited Kawagoe where is known locally as Koedo with my grandma.  Koedo means “Little Edo” after the old name for Tokyo, due to its many historic buildings.  If you want to see Japanese historic buildings in Japan, I guess that you image about Kyoto.  Yes, it’s true.  I perfectly suggest to visit Kyoto when you come to Japan, actually rather than Tokyo.

However, Kyoto is pretty far from Tokyo, it takes 3 hours by fastest and super-expensive train Shinkansen or 8 hours by cheapest bus.  (BUT I still recommend to visit Kyoto…)  

By any chance, if you don’t have time to visit Kyoto, there are some candidates for seeing historic buildings near Tokyo.   One of such a place is Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture.  It takes only 30 mins from central Tokyo by train.


Taisho-Roman-Yumedori St.


When you get off the train, firstly you encounter this street.  Taisho is the era dating from July 30, 1912, to December 25, 1926, coinciding with the reign of the Emperor Taisho.  So you can see old buildings built in this period.

Taisho-Roman-Yumedori Street

This date was Japanese national holiday called Kodomo-no-hi meaning Children’s Day.  That’s why so many carp-shaped wind socks is swimming in the sky.  You can see this on this week only.

My grandma tried to strike a pose and she told me “I would screw up this beautiful scene”.

Look her face when I answered “Yes, you did already” .


Kurazukuri Zone


Walking the Taisho-Roman-Yumedori Street, you will encounter Kurazukuri zone at the end.  This is old storehouse zone.  There are so many shops to eat sweets and foods or buy souvenir.


Too many people visited here at this day because it’s holiday.

Sweets shop

Toki-no-Kane (Time Bell Tower)

Toki-no-Kane is standing on this zone.

This ice cream shop sold only Soy sauce taste due to lack of stocks.  Damn.

We ate Senbei. It was really good.


Kita-in Temple


There are also some famous temples in this region.  The most famous one is Kita-in Temple, which has beautiful Japanese garden and great scenery site called 500 Rakan.  You should visit here when you come to Kawagoe.

She knows about posing well anyway.

Entrance of the garden
Inside of the garden

500 Rakan

You can enter into this site by the ticket for the garden.

It’s one of my favorite pictures.   Maybe he/she is appointed for something suddenly. haha

Some shops is here.

We ate Tokoroten.

See you Kita-in!

She held a pose and told me that again.  My answer?  Same thing for sure.

Look her face.  I love it.



Thank you for reading!

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