More than1200 stone statues! “Otagi-nenbutsuji” in Arashiyama, Kyoto

In the famous sightseeing area “Arashiyama, Kyoto”,  there is a really unique temple “Otagi-nenbutsuji”.  In this temple, you can meet so many stone statues called “Rakan” (disciples of Shaka, the founder of Buddhism).  This temple was built in the Otagi District (The central part of present-day Kyoto) by order of “Emperor Shotoku” in the latter half of the 8th century.  And in 1922, the temple was transfered to its present location in the Saga District in order to preserve it.


You can see more than 1200 Rakans


The gate of the “Otgi-nenbutsuji”

You can see them soon after entering.

And this “Rakan” was made by the various people visiting this temple for praying,  so each statue has another face and postue. It is also fun to walk with seeing their various faces.

I strongly recommend to visit this temple when you come to Arashiyama.  Have a great trip in Kyoto!


You can  walk from main district of Arashiyama in about 1 hour.  It would be fun to walk local town of Kyoto.  And of course you can go by bus. There are more specific information in their homepage.


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