Amazing taste! “Wasabi-don”

“Wasabi-don” made by “Kadoya” at Izu peninsula

I went to “Wasabi-en Kadoya” (Izu peninsula, Shizuoka, Japan) to eat “Wasabi-don”.   Wasabi-don is very simple Japanese bowl putting only wasabi and dried bonito on the rice.  Generally, wasabi is used as seasoning,  so it is of course not regarded as dishes except this Japanese bowl.  But surprisingly, the taste of this bowl is amazing.  You can feel great flavor of wasabi.

Wasabi is not easy plant to cultivate, it requires much fresh water and shadow condition. “Wasabi-en Kadoya” is a very famous as a place which serves fresh wasabi.


“Wasabi-en Kadoya”


This place is always crowded.  At the high season, sometimes you may have to be wait over one hour.  Moreover, here close at 2 pm, so I recommend to go there as early as possible.


Ordering the “Wasabi-don”


“Wasabi-don” is served like above picture, and we have to grated by yourself.  It also might be fun time.

Easy to do that even for female.

After grating wasabi, the rice bowl and some pickled vegetables is served.  Then,  put own grated fresh wasabi and soy sauce onto the rice bowl.  That’s all .  If you have a opportunity to visit Izu, I recommend to go there and taste it once.

※Note: Do not put soy sauce onto the wasabi because it ruins fresh flavor.



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